Apple’s AirPods Pro are now cheaper than during Amazon’s Prime Day festivities (brand new)

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Apple's AirPods Pro are now cheaper than during Amazon's Prime Day festivities (brand new)

Admit it, you kind of expected more from Amazon in terms of Prime Day 2021 deals on Apple’s hot-selling AirPods. The late 2019-released Pro model, for instance, was sold at a $60 discount… once again, which didn’t exactly feel festive or earth-shattering in any way.

But that’s where Woot comes in, continuing to charge $189.99 for a brand-new, unused, undamaged, and unopened pair of AirPods Pros with a full 1-year warranty included while also being able to shave an additional 10 percent off that reduced price if you’re willing to meet two simple conditions.
All you need is an Amazon Prime membership, which you may have already recently signed up for, as well as the official Woot app. By using the latter on your iPhone or Android handset to order your very own brand-new AirPods Pros, you can lower the aforementioned price to a measly $171 or so today only.
That may not sound incredibly affordable, exceeding the MSRPs of several other top-notch true wireless earbuds options available right now, but as far as we can remember, the extremely well-reviewed AirPods Pro have never been cheaper than this in non-refurbished condition.

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