Google has reduced its commission for TV, Auto, Tablet and Smartwatch app developers

In an announcement today, Google has announced that its new Play Media Experience Program will be open to all developers. The new program aims to boost a number of different media app developments for TV, auto, smartwatches and tablets.

The new program also means that Google will collect less revenue from individual app developers, who are also part of the program, only 15% to be exact. The Play Store fee will remain 15% until the revenue reaches $1 million, after which it will go up to the usual 30%. While in the program, developers will receive “additional discovery and engagement opportunities across devices”.

The Play Media Experience program is open to all developers in the following categories:

  • Video – high quality video content for the living room; requires integrations with Android TV, Google TV, and Google Cast
  • Audio – subscription music and audio services that work everywhere; requires integrations with Wear OS, Android Auto, Android TV, and Google Cast
  • Books – compelling reading experience on larger screens; optimized experience on tablets, foldables, and integration with the new Entertainment Space.

In order to qualify, the developer is required to have 100,000 monthly active installs and the developer account also has to be in good standing order to qualify. The application also must integrate specific Google platforms and APIs.

As you would expect, Video apps are expected to be compatible and support Android TV and Google Tv, as well as Cast platforms. Audio apps must support Wear OS, Android Auto, Android TV and Google Cast platforms. Books must support and be compatible for foldable devices and audiobook apps. They also must support WearOS and Android Auto.

You can join the Play Media Experience program on this link. What are your thoughts about the program, are you a developer, thinking about getting started? What are your thoughts?

Roland is a technology enthusiast and software engineer based in United Kingdom.

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