Google is working on a “Switch to Android” app for iOS

Google is working on a “Switch to Android” app for iOS

In 9to5Google’s latest ‘APK Insight’, the latest version of an Android component called “Data Restore Tool” has been identified with new code hinting at a new app. It’s likely that Google may be looking to make a “Switch to Android” app for the iOS App store just like Apple has a “Move to iOS” app for Android.

For context, the way that Google currently switches iOS users to Android is to back up contacts, calendar events, and photos to Google Drive. Then, when the same Google account is added to a new Android device, the content is accessed through the respective apps.

Google Pixel 5Google Pixel 5

New lines of code found within version 1.0.382048734 of the “Data Restore Tool” make references to a Google-made app called “Switch to Android” for iOS. Here’s the text contained in the app:

Step 1: Get the Switch to Android app from the App Store.

Step 2: Go to your Wi-Fi settings

Step 3: Connect to network ^1 and enter password ^2

In addition, some of the language in the tool has been changed to reflect that more iOS data will be transferrable than in the past. For example, there’s now mention that the app could transfer apps.

To transfer apps, SMS messages, and contacts, enter your iTunes backup password.

It’s not clear how Google expects to “transfer” apps form iOS to Android other than perhaps download the Android version of iOS apps on a new device, but we aren’t confident that actual app data will be transferrable. You can be sure that paid apps won’t transfer over and will have to be purchased again through the Google Play Store.


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