iPhone 12 Declared As The Best Selling iPhone In The World Ahead Of iPhone 13 Launch


Apple will announce the next-generations of iPhones — the iPhone 13 series today at 10:30 PM. Just a few days ahead of the launch, Canalys has now shared some numbers regarding the Apple iPhone 12 series of smartphones. According to the report, the iPhone 12 has been the best-selling Apple smartphone in 2021 H1.

iPhone 12 Declared As The Best Selling iPhone In The World

Apple shipped a whopping 82 million units of iPhones in 2021 H1. However, the company outperformed itself by shipping 98 million units of iPhones in 2021 H1, which constitutes 15 percent market growth and 19 percent year-on-year growth.

Apple Worldwide Smartphone Shipment Share In 2021 H1

According to the same report, Out of 100 iPhones that Apple has shipped this year, it shipped 24 iPhone 12, 22 iPhone 12 Pro Max, 21 iPhone 12 Pro, and 6 iPhone 12 mini. The rest of the iPhones constitute just the remaining 27 percent.

It is interesting to see that Apple has sold almost as much iPhone 12 Pro Max as the iPhone 12, especially considering there is a huge price difference between the two. This proves that there is a market for truly high-end Apple iPhones with big screens and great cameras, where, people are ready to pay the premium for the same.

Another interesting insight from the same report in 2020 H1, 55 percent of the iPhones shipped had a screen size of 5.5-inch to 6.4-inch and 36 percent of the iPhones had a screen size of 6.5-inch and above.

This number has changed drastically in 2021 H1, as 65 percent of the iPhones shipped by Apple had a screen size greater than 6.5-inch, while the percentage of iPhones with 5.5-inch to 6.4-inch has come down to 31 percent.

These numbers indicate that there is a huge demand for smartphones, especially iPhones with large screen sizes. The shift towards large-screened devices has increased in the last 18 months, as more people now play games and consume video content on their smartphones.

Apple Is Ruling The Premium Smartphone Market

When we look at the numbers of smartphones that cost over $600, Apple has shipped, Apple had a market share of 53 percent of 2020 H1. This number has again gone up in 2021 H1, where, the iPhones constitute 62 percent of the premium smartphone market share that costs over $600.

Coming to smartwatches, Apple has shipped 16 million units of Apple Watch in 2021 H1 with 49 percent market share and 37 percent year-on-year growth. Lastly, in the TWS market, Apple has lost some numbers, where, the brand shipped 39 million units of AirPods in 2020 H1 while the number came down to 35 million in 2021 H1 with a market share of 30 percent.

Given the TWS market has gotten a lot more diverse in the last few years, where, there are more than 100 brands that currently are in the TWS industry. Despite having just a few products, Apple has managed to maintain the market share, albeit, the sales have come down a bit. With the release of the AirPods 3, Apple might be able to recover the lost market.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 14, 2021, 9:38 [IST]

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