iPhone 12 Mini Production Halted; End Of Apple’s Compact Smartphones?


Apple has been ahead in the premium smartphone game with iPhones. The Cupertino giant is rumored to have started working on the iPhone 13 series which will be the successor to the last year’s iPhone 12 lineup. The latter came along with the iPhone 12 Mini as the company’s major bet in the compact smartphone space. But, it seems that the device didn’t have a long run as the brand is taking it off the production bay. So why did Apple discontinue the iPhone Mini 12? Here are the details:

iPhone 12 Mini Production Halted; End Of Apple’s Compact Smartphones?

Why Did Apple Discontinue iPhone 12 Mini?

Apple iPhone 12 Mini was announced to carry forward the legacy of the iPhone SE which has been the most popular compact smartphone across the globe. But the device couldn’t generate higher numbers in terms of sales compared to the iPhone SE. The low sales figure is the primary reason that has led the company to stop the production of the iPhone 12 Mini.

The reports suggesting the iPhone 12 going off shelves gave been doing rounds for a while now. However, the confirmation comes via a fresh report by TrendForce which is a Taiwanese research firm. With the dropping sales all across the globe, the company is said to have finally stopped the production of the iPhone 12.

Just for reference, the iPhone 12 Mini debuted alongside the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max last year. All the remaining variants saw higher sales across the globe compared to the iPhone 12 Mini. The report suggests this reason to be primary for the handset to go off the production bay within the second quarter of the official launch.

Is It End Of Apple’s Compact Smartphones?

While Apple might have stopped manufacturing the iPhone 12 Mini, this doesn’t necessarily mean the company will not introduce any more compact phones in the future. Apple’s plan to up its game in this segment was executed post the popularity of handy yet powerful smartphones amongst the consumers. The iPhone SE has been one of the best examples of such.

But for some reason, the iPhone 12 Mini failed to generate the desired sales. Apple might not have any new compact smartphone in the pipeline to hit the production bench, but the possibilities of one in the future can’t be ruled out.

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