iPhone 13 predicted to skip 1TB model, keep current prices

The iPhone 13 series is set to introduce several big upgrades including Touch ID, a smaller notch, and improved cameras. Rumors had pointed to a 1TB model too, but a report suggests that might no longer be happening.

There might not be a 1TB iPhone 13 Pro after all

Research firm TrendForce expects Apple’s iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro to retain the same storage configurations as the current iPhone 12 line. The news means that there might not be a 1TB iPhone 13 Pro model.You can expect the following iPhone 13 variants:

  • 64GB iPhone 13 mini
  • 128GB iPhone 13 mini
  • 256GB iPhone 13 mini
  • 64GB iPhone 13
  • 128GB iPhone 13
  • 256GB iPhone 13

The following iPhone 13 Pro models are expected:

  • 128GB iPhone 13 Pro
  • 256GB iPhone 13 Pro
  • 512GB iPhone 13 Pro
  • 128GB iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • 256GB iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • 512GB iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple’s expected to keep the current iPhone pricing structure

The lack of plans for a 1TB iPhone might disappoint some power users, but there is some good news buried in the report — TrendForce expects Apple to keep the current iPhone pricing structure for another year.That means the iPhone 13 series should be priced as follows:

  • iPhone 13 mini — starting at $699
  • iPhone 13 — starting at $799
  • iPhone 13 Pro — starting at $999
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max — starting at $1,099

Everything listed above is, of course, a prediction at this point. Take everything with a pinch of salt because it’s almost impossible to accurately predict every aspect of Apple’s iPhone launches. Nevertheless, TrendForce has accurately predicted iPhone plans in the past and this report could give us a good idea of what’s in the works. 

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