New iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe supports Find My, let’s you see where you left it

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New iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe supports Find My, let's you see where you left it

Today Apple not only announced the iPhone 13 series but also new accessories for the phones. One accessory that has seen an upgrade is the Apple iPhone Wallet with MagSafe. The new wallet makes use of the Find My app in a new convenient way.

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The new iPhone Leather Wallet that attaches via MagSafe features new functionality. The accessory not only attaches to your iPhone via magnets but also lets you know when and where it was last detached from the device. Using the Find My app, the iPhone detects when the Wallet has been detached from it and shows you the location where it was last attached. This means that if you find yourself missing your iPhone Leather Wallet you can go into the app and see where and when it detached from your phone. The location is approximated from your internet IP address by Apple matching it to its region. The new Leather Wallet supports the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series. Its new functionality requires iOS 15 and Find My activated. As far as cases go, it supports all Apple cases, except the Clear MagSafe one.

This new Leather Wallet feature isn’t the same as the AirTags’ though. AirTags have a battery that lets them connect to other Apple devices, allowing you to track their location. The new iPhone Wallet accessory does not have such technology and relies fully on your iPhone to remember its last known location. The new and improved Apple iPhone Leather Wallet costs $59 and is already available to order from the Apple Store. The Wallet comes in five different color options: Golden Brown, Dark Cherry, Sequoia Green, Midnight, and Wisteria. You can combine the iPhone Leather Wallet with a suitable case too. Silicone Apple cases for the iPhone 13 retail at $49, while leather ones retail at $59.

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