New update brings Samsung’s ‘old’ Galaxy Buds Pro on par with the latest Galaxy Buds 2

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New update brings Samsung's 'old' Galaxy Buds Pro on par with the latest Galaxy Buds 2

Commercially released back in January 2021 rather than just last week, the Galaxy Buds Pro are still slightly better than the non-Pro Buds 2, offering among others superior water resistance.

But as the great TV philosopher Barney Stinson used to say, “new is always better”, an axiom that the Galaxy Buds 2 verified at launch by incorporating a few software features that the Buds Pro could not match.
Then again, a new update currently rolling out in South Korea and expected to make its way to other territories soon appears to be adding to the Galaxy Buds Pro pretty much everything the slowly aging noise-cancelling earbuds need to level the playing field with their more affordable successors.
Of course, Samsung is probably not interested in the competition between two of its own products, most likely aiming instead to keep those who paid $200 for a pair of high-end Buds Pros in the last few months happy as they see the $150 Buds 2 capture the spotlight.
Following this update, both products provide Ambient Sound support during phone calls, single earbud active noise cancellation capabilities, and various Ambient Sound customizations while also running smoother than before (at least in theory) thanks to a fresh batch of bug fixes and overall stability improvements.

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In order to enable the new features, Galaxy Buds Pro owners will need to bump up the plugin app on their phones to the 3.0.21082751 version… once they’re actually offered the possibility where they live.

At the right price, mind you, these bad boys are still undoubtedly some of the overall best true wireless earbuds out there, and lo and behold, Amazon just so happens to sell brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged units at a cool $47 discount in a Phantom Black hue at the time of this writing, making the Buds Pro essentially as affordable as the Galaxy Buds 2.

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