Qualcomm plans to expand its Snapdragon chip lineup for Wear OS smartwatches, new chips coming soon

Wear OS smartwatches have been struggling to match competition in the face of Apple Watch and Tizen-based Galaxy Watches, and now, this might be changing. SlashGear reports Qualcomm has planned to ride the wave of excitement that the new version of Wear OS has generated and provide new Snapdragon processors to power the smartwatches.

Qualcomm will expand the wearables segment with new platform investments

Qualcomm has now announced it is setting up a program to accelerate the Qualcomm Wearables ecosystem. The company is planning to significantly grow its investment in chips, platforms, and technologies for new Snapdragon Wear chipsets. Additionally, the company has now launched an Accelerator Program that will bring together smartwatch industry leaders. They will be discussing trends, sharing technology, launching products, and demonstrating concepts. The new program should accelerate the progress of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipsets for smartwatches.

Of course, the announcement does not give any specific plans the company may have; however, it leads us to believe Qualcomm is planning to widen its Snapdragon smartwatch chip portfolio. The new program will put Qualcomm at the center of the new wave of Wear OS devices.

One of the biggest concerns people usually have with Wear OS smartwatches is usually the chip inside them. The majority of recent smartwatches still use the Snapdragon 3100 chip from 2018. Qualcomm has since launched the Snapdragon 4100 and 4100+, but not many vendors have adopted it yet.

Qualcomm has stated its investment will ensure new Snapdragon chipsets will be launched across segments over the next year.

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