The best budget tablets – updated September 2021

It seems now that the tablets market is getting a rise in popularity as many people still work or study from home, and a tablet becomes handy in these situations. Even if you’re not stuck at home, a good tablet is a great addition to your tech gadgets if you like to read a lot online, or even draw digitally. However, some tablets are pretty expensive, and if you own a smartphone, you may not need to pay that much for a good tablet for reading or drawing. If you’re looking into budget tablets and you want to get the best one without losing an arm and leg to afford it, then this article is for you.Here, we have compiled a list of the best budget tablets for 2021 in order to help you find the one that will fit your needs.

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Apple iPad 10.2-inch (2019)

The entry-level iPad 10.2-inch from 2019 is currently the best cheap iPad you can get. It has a conservative design with the Touch ID button and supports the Apple Pencil first generation. Although this iPad is an entry-level one and is powered by Apple’s slightly older chip A10 Fusion, its performance is great, stable, and reliable.Comfortable for reading, great for drawing with the Apple Pencil, it can handle almost anything you want to do on a tablet, from social media browsing to watching YouTube or movies. It has a reliable battery life as well, although, the charger that comes in the box is understandably, quite slow at charging it. However, if you have other Apple tech, for example, an iPhone, you can also enjoy the benefits of the Apple ecosystem such as syncing of apps and settings, documents in the iCloud, Apple Music, and seamless connectivity with your Apple gear.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (2018)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 from 2018 is the best budget tablet from Samsung to answer the iPad 10.2. It is great for movies and web browsing with its big, 10.5-inch display, while the Android operating system provides more tools for customization and flexibility in comparison to Apple’s iPad OS. The Galaxy Tab A 10.5 comes with a Snapdragon 450 processor and a base storage of 32GB, and the best thing about it is its battery life. Its big 7300mAh battery cell provides great battery life. However, it’s not very powerful so if you wish to play some heavy games on it, you might need to lower their settings. Despite that, it is a great option for social media browsing or studying. It also supports the S Pen, so you can also draw or take notes on it.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus (2020)

If you want an even cheaper tablet, you can go for Amazon’s Fire tablets. They are cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the iPad, while still offering good performance for their price and reliable battery life. The Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus supports wireless charging for comfortable charging, and 3GB of RAM.Another good thing about this tablet is that it can be used for an Echo Show as well, so if you want a 2-in-1 tablet and smart display, it will be a good option for you. However, keep in mind that the screen quality isn’t the best, so if you’re set on watching a lot of movies and videos, you may be better with the iPad or the Galaxy Tab. For reading and web browsing though, it is good enough.

Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus (2020)

The Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus is a great cheap tablet for $200, with a modern look with thinner bezels than most tablets on our list, as well as a great quality of the display. If you’re looking for a device to casually browse the web or watch YouTube videos, you might like this tablet and its good-looking display. Additionally, it can be used in a 2-in-1 tablet and smart display as the previous entry on our list.

The processor powering the device is the Mediatek Helio P22T and it offers good performance for this price, although keep in mind it is not as powerful as the Snapdragons or Apple’s chips. Heavier games will need to run at low quality, so if you’re a gamer, this one isn’t the best option for you. Overall, this tablet is great for web browsing, studying, reading, and watching videos or movies.

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020)

If you don’t need a 2-in-1 tablet and smart screen like the Fire HD 8 Plus, then we’ve got the Fire HD 8 for you. Released again in 2020, the Fire HD 8 tablet is the best budget tablet from the Fire HD line for most people willing to read and browse comfortably on a bigger screen. Of course, it isn’t as bulky as the Galaxy Tab A 10.5 and comes in a comfortable size with an 8-inch display.

The Fire HD 8 isn’t the cheapest Fire HD tablet on the market, but for some $30 more on the Fire HD 7, it comes with a bigger battery, brighter and bigger display, and more RAM so you can use it for browsing and reading more comfortably. Keep in mind that Amazon tablets run Fire OS and not Android, so you won’t have the Google Play Store there, but Amazon’s own store for apps.

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021)

The Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet is also one of the best budget tablets for a reason: it has a decent screen for YouTube video streaming or watching movies, and its big and bright screen is its biggest strength. It won’t be able to handle gaming or more power-demanding stuff, but it will still be good enough for web browsing.

It has a good battery life and HD resolution of its 10.1-inch screen: 1920 x 1200, and for its price, you get a lot of perks with it. Just like the previous model on this list, this one also runs Amazon’s Fire OS and you need to download apps for it from Amazon’s library.

Budget tablet choices have never been better

Whether you want an iPad that can sync seamlessly with your iPhone, or a Samsung Galaxy Tab with the Galaxy ecosystem, or an ever cheaper variant, we’ve got you covered. The iPad from 2019 is the cheapest budget-friendly iPad right now, while we wait for the release of the iPad 2021, which will be, understandably, more expensive. The Galaxy Tab A is a great budget series of tablets for the Galaxy lovers out there. If you want a really cheap option, then the Amazon Fire tablets are great for you, they’re also good for seniors or children, while Lenovo still makes some good tablets despite missing from the smartphone market.

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