The new Portraits Watch Face for Apple Watch is available now with the release of watchOS 8 beta 2

Apple’s watchOS 8 beta 2 was released by Apple on Thursday and it includes the new “Portraits” Watch Face that Apple mentioned during WWDC 2021 earlier this month. With this Watch Face, you can select up to 24 portraits from your photo gallery and add them as a Face to the Apple Watch. Two complications can be added: the date in the middle above the time, and the complication of your choosing on the bottom.

The time can be shown in one of three different styles, Classic, Modern, and Rounded. Remember that you have to be a beta tester to get the Portraits Watch Face right now, or you’ll have to wait until the stable release like everyone else. Not seen in watchOS 8 beta 2 is the World Timer face that was also previewed at WWDC 2021.

The World Timer is an analog Watch Face with the capabilities of showing the hour of the time in the different cities on the bezel wheel. The time in the home city is shown on the main display. There is room on the screen for four complications. This just be this writer’s new Apple Watch Watch Face when watchOS 8 is dropped later this year.

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