This might be the best time to buy an Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4, or Series 5 at a killer price

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This might be the best time to buy an Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4, or Series 5 at a killer price

Now that we can be (pretty much) certain that the Apple Watch Series 7 will not add anything significant on the health monitoring front compared to its predecessor, you might be wondering why you shouldn’t just pick up last year’s very well-reviewed Series 6.

Technically, both the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 have been discontinued after their sequels saw daylight, but that’s not stopping Woot from selling the two wearable industry veterans at predictably low prices right now.
Released in 2019, the Apple Watch Series 5 looks a lot like its successor, naturally packing a slightly slower processor while sporting everything from an always-on display to a handy compass, ECG sensor, altimeter, fall detection technology, built-in GPS connectivity, and optional cellular support.
As such, this bad boy can be a pretty smart buy at $249.99 and up in refurbished condition with a 90-day warranty included. While that price is obviously good for a GPS-only variant in a 40mm size, you just have to pay $20 or $40 more for an LTE-enabled unit with a 40 or 44mm case.
The Apple Watch Series 4 is unsurprisingly even cheaper, fetching anywhere between $159.99 and $184.99 in 40 and 44mm sizes with or without LTE connectivity and refurbished condition, dropping the always-on display functionality and compass technology of its successor while nonetheless including a fairly extensive list of activity tracking and health monitoring tools headlined by a life-saving ECG scanner.
Last but certainly not least, the Apple Watch Series 3 is an absolute bargain (with the same 90-day Woot warranty included), starting as low as $104.99 while impressively being able to monitor your heart rate, sleep, and a number of different types of workouts.

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