Try out the new Windows 11 interface right on your phone or tablet

For some, the upcoming Windows 11 is quite exciting. Not just because it will let you download and run Android apps on your PC, but perhaps simply because it will give your computer a fresh new look. An updated, centered task bar, a new Start menu design, and generally more rounded, glassy windows.Now thanks to a developer named Blue Edge (via NeoWin) you can get familiar with how Windows 11 looks and feels to a degree, right via your phone, tablet or computer’s browser. What Blue Edge has developed is actually a Windows 11 web simulation, a complex website that closely follows Windows 11’s design language to deliver a similar experience.

Currently, you can look around the desktop, inside the Start menu, run the Edge browser and even check out the new Windows 11 widgets screen. It’s all very close to the real thing, even if features are expectedly missing, as this is just a modest recreation and a fun experiment.

You can try out “Win 11 in React” here. The simulation doesn’t appear to fit the screen ideally on iOS or Android as it does on PC, but it does work good in landscape after tinkering with your browser’s page zoom and doing some repositioning. It’s an open-source project, as the developer notes in the quote below. So if you’re a developer yourself, you can also check out this project at GitHub here.

As for the real Windows 11 itself, according to Microsoft, the fresh new upgrade will be coming to Windows 10 users with compatible PCs “later this year”. You can see if your PC is compatible on Microsoft’s Win 11 page, where the minimum requirements are. Soon, we also expect there to be a PC Health Check app which will automatically be able to verify whether you’ve got a Windows 11-ready PC.

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