Verizon’s Fios TV app can now be installed on Apple TV and Amazon Fire

Verizon is now expanding the availability of its Fios app to Apple TV and Amazon Fire, reports Engadget. Previously, the Fios app was available only on phones and tablets.

The Fios app makes its way to Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, both 4k and HD ones

Of course, Verizon still requires at least one Fios TV One box somewhere in the house, but that one is included in all Fios TV plans at no additional charge. It is needed so users can install the Fios TV app from there, on their Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV. This means you no longer need to have multiple Fios TV One boxes from Verizon. The app allows users to mix and match what they are watching. Verizon gives an example of parents watching live sports on the Fios box in the living room, while kids watch cartoons and teens watch comedies on connected TVs in their bedrooms. However, there’s one limitation: you can watch only two simultaneous streams per Fios TV box.

The Fios TV app is now available to be installed on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TVs for Fios customers.

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