Verizon’s Visible might have been hacked, customers charged thousands for iPhones

Verizon’s Visible might have been hacked, customers charged thousands for iPhones

When it comes to privacy, it feels like nothing in this world is secure enough. After the massive T-Mobile data breach, it looks like another US carrier has been hacked, and although it’s a much smaller one, it proves that the lesson hasn’t been learned.Visible, the cellphone service operated by Verizon, seems to have been subjected to a data breach. Although no official statements have been released yet, a Visible employee confirmed the security issue on Reddit and recommended customers to change their passwords and any other personal info they may deem necessary.

The MVNO discovered that the information on a small number of member accounts was changed without their authorization. According to the post on Reddit, Visible doesn’t believe that its systems have been compromised, but that you should change your account password just in case.

Unfortunately, a many Visible customers have taken to Reddit to complain that they can’t change any of their personal information because the carrier seems to have taken away that option, possibly in order to prevent malicious third parties from doing that.Visible customers who have been hacked were charged thousands for phones that are to be delivered to other addresses. Although Visible might not be wrong claiming that its databases have not been compromised due to a hack, it’s quite possible that those who fraudulently accessed the accounts may have used usernames and passwords retrieved from other data breaches.

It’s hard to say what really happened, so we’ll just have to wait for Visible’s statement. If you’re a Visible customer, it looks like there’s really nothing you can do since the MVNO disabled the options to reset passwords and change the payment method.


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