You might soon be able to make calls on your Chromebook

You might soon be able to make calls on your Chromebook

You may spend most of your day browsing on your Chromebook and using web apps for work and for school. You may have wondered why you can’t make a call yet, but can send messages or use Google Duo to make a call online. A recent commit teases that call feature may soon arrive in Chromebooks and ChromeOS, closing the gap on missing functionality and features. It’s currently unclear when the feature will make it to the public release.

A new commit was found that might suggest that incoming and outgoing call notification features may soon arrive in ChromeOS and Chromebooks. (via ChromeUnboxed). From the commit, we can see that incoming call notification in the Phone Hub flag might soon arrive, which would likely enable you to receive and make calls while using your Chromebook. This of course would likely require you to have a supported Android or Pixel device connected to your Chromebook, but it’s a good sign.

The commit suggests that it might only be a notification, but we can see that it suggests otherwise and it might include the entire functionality to make and receive calls on the Chromebook itself, not just sync the incoming notification.

ChromeUnboxed tried to get the feature to work on one of their devices, but they were unable to make it work. We have no information on when this functionality might make it to the stable release, but it will likely take more weeks and months until we hear anything. It’s great to see that ChromeOS is getting more advanced features and it’s bringing more to the table. 

What are your thoughts about the upcoming call feature? What do you use your Chromebook devices? Would you like to make calls, or do you already use third-party apps to call your friends and family members? Let us know in the comments down below!

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